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California Almonds Repeat Production

High hopper with almonds in fieldThe almond season began with a boom with its early harvest. Our high hopper trailers went out on average about two weeks earlier than usual with farmers expecting a larger crop than the previous year. However, the projections fell short and there was about 13% less production than originally predicted. The outcomes, although not attaining the sky high projections, were on par with production from 2013 of 1.80-1.85 billion pounds. In addition quality is reportedly a bit better than it was last year with better nut count size. For the most part the almond trailers have been returned and we are now starting to begin work on the high hopper trailers for the next year. To read more click here.

If you would like to reserve a high hopper trailer for next year please contact our office at (559) 275-3842.

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