The market for California pistachios has been growing rapidly especially to meet the demand in China. The growing middle class in China has begun to enjoy and buy more and more pistachios. As the only other two countries which grow pistachios, Iran and Syria, are in turmoil, California growers have ramped up their production to meet the demand. According to The Sacramento Bee, the number of acres dedicated to pistachios in California has grown from 100,000 to 240,000 as of 2001 which has more than doubled the number of pistachio acreage in just over 10 years. In addition to the growing demand, there has also been a surge in the price which makes this crop very attractive to farmers making this gamble. Thus farmers are betting that the demand for these green nuts will continue on and hopefully other countries will begin to enjoy these “happy nuts.” With all the new plantings we are expecting to have an increase in demand for low hoppers for the years to come. Click Here to Read More

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“Farmland is ‘gold I can eat’ to Steve Romick, a heavyweight investor and managing partner at FPA Funds.” California farmland is selling for top dollar these days and many think this trend will continue for a while. This trend is occurring mostly due to the increased selling price for many products, especially tree nuts and wine grapes. Thus many farmers are seeing a huge pay-out in expanding their farms and believe the high price of land will be compensated by the demand for their product. Much like gold there are always outside forces which dictate the price, but according to Romick, farmland is always a win regardless of changing outside variables, however, some are not as optimistic that all will end well for those taking the gamble.  As a result of the growth and increasing production, we are looking forward to increased rentals of our low and high hoppers and flatbeds the next few years. Click here to see the full article from Western Farm Press.

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It appears the honey bee population has been on the decline these past years in California since 2006, but seems to be at at an all-time low this year. As a result there is questionable supply available for pollination for the 2013 crops, especially almonds. Many studies are being conducted to determine the reason for such a decline, some bee keepers are reporting 90-100% losses over the winter. Most in the agriculture business predict there will be just enough to get them by for this season, however, prices for beehives have increased as a result. Thus, we are confident high hopper trailer rentals will continue to be consistent. Read more here.

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- 20’ Length x 8’ Width x 8’6” Height

- 16 Gauge Steel Side and Rood- Steel Frame

- Solid Wood Floor

- Swing Door

- Price: $2500


- STEEL LOCKBOX $150 (Perfect for Extra Security)

- WHIRLYBIRD $175 (Great for Ventilation and Keeping Out Humidity)

Call our office to inquire (559)275-3842

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